Artist Review – Yosuke Kiso


Yosuke Kiso has lived in Yamagata prefecture since entering Tohoku University of Art and Design.  He studied Japanese painting in university and continued making art while working in art education.

He has studied Japanese calligraphy since he was a small child, and started learning “Tenkoku” stamp carving when he was 18.

1_3kakejikuKiso has been attracted by traditional hand-made Japanese paper produced in Yamagata ever since he was completing his masters degree.  To this day, he continues using local hand-made paper for his art works.

Much of the art produced by Kiso uses Japanese paper, produced by local Yamagata businesses trying to keep alive the traditional techniques.  His works include Tenkoku hand-carved stamps, calligraphy, and “kata-e-zuri”「型絵刷り」a traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving technique applied to paper.
quality_mebaruHe does work in other mediums, creating engraved stone seals, for example.  But of course, these seals are used to print onto traditional paper!
Part of Kiso’s mission is to introduce people to hand-made Japanese paper art works, and at the same time contribute to promoting the local traditional paper production industry.

Yamagata may be far away from where you live, it’s even far from the Japanese centres of  Tokyo and Osaka, but we’re proud to be able to introduce you to Kiso’s traditional art work, wherever you are in the world.

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