rakuzen logoRakuzen is a collaboration between a non-profit organisation (supporting the disabled), traditional “Aizu lacquering” craftsmen based out of Fukushima, and a commercial product designer, to produce a series of tableware.  The products are beautiful examples of lacquerware, but also incorporate the essence of modern design to make them practical for daily use.  Products include the “Rakuzen Bowl” designed to be easy to hold, and “Rakuzara” (easy plate) designed to be easy to hold and use.

Our tableware products are designed by a product designer, then made by hand by two skilled craftsmen.  A wood grain craftsman shapes the wood into the correct form with a potter’s wheel.  A specialised Aizu lacquerware craftsman applies the traditional lacquer on the formed wood.

Designer: Aki Otake
Wood grain craftsman: Toshiyuki Hasegawa
Lacquering craftsman: Hiroshi Omori