Watanabe Daruma

watanabe_darumaShirakawa daruma have been loved since the Edo period (1603–1868) in Shirakawa city, Fukushima.  People believe that it’s a lucky charm.

Traditionally, daruma are produced without the eyes being painted in.  You are expected to paint in the left eye of the daruma (e.g. using a marker pen), then make your wish.  Later, after your wish has come true, you paint in the right eye to give thanks.

People often wish for things like the safety of their family or business success.  Even today, it continues being loved by people all over Japan, not just in Fukushima.

We are happy to take orders for custom made Daruma.  You can customise the size and colour, add a small amount of text, or even request a different shape.  Custom orders are often used as company mascots, novelty give-aways (such as a supplement in magazines) and for auspicious starts to new product developments.  These orders take longer to produce, and we are unable to confirm the price and delivery time until we have your requirements.  Please contact us via email if you’d like to make a custom order: support@artlabshop.com.