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Harry Cartwright’s work takes cues from the worlds of cinema and advertising to create vibrant and evocative mixed-media paintings. These multi-layered works combine painting, photography and printmaking techniques, blending the artist's own archives with visual references from popular culture, to evoke often intense feelings of longing and nostalgia in the viewer. Cinematically stylised, as though viewed through a filmic lens, the works seem to operate as a portal into a sunshine tinted era of times gone-by. Many of Cartwright’s works depict scenes and iconography associated with California; a place of great significance both in his artistic practice and throughout his life. The artist has long been enthralled by the glamour of this seductive land; its magnetising history of stardom, its heat, and its promise that your wildest dreams can come true. The resulting works are witty, observant, and escapist, playfully pairing the everyday with themes of Pop, invented narrative and romance.


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