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D’Amico mantra is "Draw on Everything," which he does with aplomb. Traditional surfaces, such as paper, have always served the artist well, but he does not discriminate other surfaces. Using his simple trademark linework - black ink on white surfaces Luca Valerio D’Amico transforms everything from canvas to surfboards, ceramics, sneaker into a signature visual narrative. Luca has managed to develop his "signature" with one of the most basic elements of representation: the line. When D’Amico wields his marker, the results are deceptively simple and distinctively playful black-and-white compositions filled with his identity. D’Amico begins each drawing with an unbroken line, what he calls the "DNA" of the work. This line is never predetermined, never calculated, always responsive to the environment and to the artist's state of mind. His is a creative meditation, a stream of consciousness, that gives no chance to hesitation... you have to be yourself. There is no specific message the observer gets lost in the Supervisions of the forms, interpreting them.


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