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Raúl Urbina's path started when he won a drawing contest in 2004 - this achievement inspired him to create, and build a carreer as a drawing teacher, in Cancún, Mexico. He paints with mixed media techniques, one that combines different painting and drawing material and methods, rather than only one medium, any materials can be used but the ones he prefers are: acrylic paint, chinese ink, watercolor, pigment liner, resin, spray-paint, color pencils, to mention a few. Sometimes one art piece can take more than three kinds of techniques and styles. He usually uses vegetable inks, soluble coffee, extraction of colors that chlorine allows him to do, or even experiment with all that substance that stains or removes the color. He's been broadcasting drawing classes at local TV for one year, and since 2006 he started officially his career as Visual Artist and Plastic Arts Teacher, while having the opportunity to certify more than 50 artists as Visual Artist Teachers, endorsed by the SEP (Public Education Secretary). He currently has 56 murals on different dimensions placed all over Cancún City and nearby tourist destinations, many of them are divided in public and private establishments.


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