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RizRizRizz is a renowned painter, sculptor and ceramist. His artworks have been exhibited in several cities around Europe and Indonesia. He has also upcoming exhibitions around the USA. The works exhibited consist of his sculptures, paintings and ceramics, the figurative paintings you see on display reflect his own memories often evoking feelings of nostalgia. Through depictions of female figures, symbols, animals, vases, flowers and various objects in soft colors and rough, wild brush strokes Rizz’s work offers an intimate look inside his feelings and life experiences full of drama, trauma, tragedy, as well as comedy all wrapped in one satirical work. Rizz also exhibits sculptures that are adapted from the figures residing in the paintings. These sculptures represent a 3D manifestation to many forms of his anxiousness and formal instincts as an artist-which became the baseline for his creative thought process that is inspired by tradition, yet it revolted against their ideal forms.


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