Top 13 Art Fairs in the World

Top 13 Art Fairs in the World

The purest form of expression - Art, allows us to delve into the minds of artists to unlock the unique ideas they portray. Each artist stands for their own vision, motivation and puts that forth for the world to see in various forms that is beloved by many. As our experiences have grown multifold, the forms of presentation of artwork have grown in ways that leave us stunned. Whether we appreciate classical painting or have grown fond of a futuristic, technology driven art form, the dynamism of art ensures that everyone is lured to its beauty.

Across the globe artwork has been presented, each region representing a small part of their own uniqueness. These unique art fairs run across the globe and provide a whiff of the enchanting beauty that art provides.

1. Art Basel Miami Beach

A platform to highlight the domestic culture where these shows are held, the Art Basel festival is a boon for emerging and established artists to showcase their talent. Art ages with time, and this fact has been represented by art presented in forms that range from painting to sculptures. The journey of this beautiful depiction is carried forward by the Casa Faena, a go to stay to experience a wide variety of art-related events in royal fashion.


Bringing 7000 years of heritage and culture to the forefront, the TEFAF (The European Fine Art Foundation) is held not only in New York but also in the Netherlands. The 35th anniversary of the event promises to be a special one, with pieces ranging from jewelry to ceramics. The Kruisherenhotel Maastricht is the ideal hotel to continue your journey back in time, the 15th century monastery is the spot to elevate your experience.

3. ARCOMadrid:

Portraying cultures such as Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, and its upcoming edition focusing on the art scenes in the greater Mediterranean, the ARCOMadrid has become a mainstay every winter. Continuing the journey of contemporary art through the Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Madrid. The hotel offers something unique for every art lover.

4. Masterpiece London:

A bucket list trip to this art fair surely has to be on your agenda this summer. A thorough vetting of items that come into the show ensures that your eyes only meet the crème de la crème of art! The show specializes in art, jewelry, furniture, and design from antiquity. While it may not always be possible to visit, the Masterpiece provides a cutting-edge experience by organizing virtual tours. Enjoying this standard of art from the comfort of your living room is surely too good to be true! If you do decide to make the trip, Egerton House Hotel will uplift your entire experience!

5. La Biennale Paris

The city of love enthralls upon us a magical show, a place lovers have to visit once in their lifetime, the La Biennale Paris includes art, jewelry, and other decorative elements for the home. The fair takes us back 6000 years as well as sheds light on futuristic art from every continent. Inspiration to many top designers, the Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Paris is a must stay in the city.

6. Frieze art fair:

Focusing on contemporary art, the Frieze art fair showcases us a truly broad range of art from ancient to modern work. The fair presented in 4 separate locations - London, Los Angeles, New York City has all of us captivated by its newest addition in Seoul. Our recommendation would be to visit Langham Hotel in london. The hotel provides a great opportunity to unwind with cocktails or wellness activities through your stay.

7. The Armory Show:

Highlighting the best artists in New York City, the armory show has gone above and beyond to put the city's top talent at the forefront. Influential flair from Paris combined with the bustle of the big apple, the Sofitel New York Hotel is surely worth a stay!

8. FIAC:

Connecting visitors to the best contemporary art and their beloved artists, the FIAC in Paris is the premier show taking place each fall. The show promises a unique experience of art as well as dance performances at Bourse de Commerce—Pinault Collection. Hotel Lutetia, is one of many partner hotels with the art fair. The hotel promises great views, wellness, food and an overall luxurious experience.

9. Scope Art Show:

The go-to for innovative and technology driven art, the Scope Art show is hosted in Miami Beach, Florida; New York; and Basel, Switzerland. The 10th anniversary brings about experimental storytelling and artist activations. Take in the sea view at the Delano Hotel whose cumulative experience will lead to an epicurean weekend.

10. Indian Art Fair:

The art fair has emerged as the spot for a truly enriching and enlightening experience. The fair taking place in the winters of New Delhi, provides a spin on modern and contemporary works that highlight the diversity of creatives in South Asia. The fair provides an ideal way to instill a sense of the deep cultural heritage India has to offer. The ITC Maurya will ensure your visit is one to remember.

11. ZonaMaco:

Latin America's largest art fair, the ZonaMaco brings in contemporary art fans from around the world. The rising popularity of the fair called for several iterations: ZonaMaco Design for furniture, jewelry, textiles, and other decorative objects; ZonaMaco Salon for antiques; and ZonaMaco Photo for vintage, modern, and contemporary photography. A stay at the Condesa DF is surely the best combination to explore the culture Mexico has to offer.

12. 1-54:

The youngest fair, which is held for a unique purpose. The only art fair that’s completely dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora, with its name representing the 54 African countries that make up the alluring continent. Exploring the rich and fairly untouched culture of Africa through the events held in London, Marrakech and New York would be the ideal way to get an insight into many beautiful untold stories. La Mamounia is a top destination for tourists who want to experience the epitome of luxury living in Morocco and also happens to be the site of 1-54’s Marrakech fair.

13. ArtLab:

The ARTLAB Journal is the virtual art tour that you didn't know you needed. Even for the most avid art lovers it may not be possible to visit every fair or stay up to date with the latest happenings, the ArtLab solves this problem by presenting all the information you would ever need in an enticing manner. Check out our website to learn more!

The ARTLAB is so much more than just a place for latest information, we have created a marketplace in collaboration with up and coming artists to provide a platform where our talent gets a bit more appreciation that they totally deserve! The Artlab is a marketplace for Acrylic, Canvas, Print and Neon, providing a one-stop shop for all your artistic needs. We value our creators and that is further represented by our endeavor in which we give proceeds of the sale. Artlab goes above and beyond to ensure you can express your creativity in the manner that you choose, “create your own” is an ideal way to express the artists inside you and create a unique piece true to yourself! Our vision is to grow multifold with our artists and bring about a social change.

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